Rate Sheet

Hours of Operation:

REGULAR HOURS: We are open Monday through Friday, every week, year round from 8:00am to 4:00pm. Excluding the last week in December.
OVERTIME HOURS: All hours other than those listed above
HOLIDAY HOURS: all Federal holidays are billed at double the prevailing rates

Quotes & Estimates:

Free Estimates: Free estimates are provided for many time-and-material projects, these projects would be your typical home remodel, commercial remodel projects. Estimates are just that, an estimate.
Free Quotes: We would be happy to provide you with a written quote for any of our electrical services, this process ensures you know exactly what the project will cost upfront and in writing, and any changes to the project will have written change orders too. Fee Quotes are provided for any project that will require electrical system design.  This is for a project that we may or may not be providing the actual electrical services for and bills at the Consulting & Design  Services rate.


Like most other professional services, payment is expected at the time of service. We accept Checks, Visa, Master Card, Discover and Cash if a check is not available. Checks must be imprinted and drafted from Whidbey Island accounts with Whidbey Island addresses. Please call us for other options. Contractors with established credit accounts are due and payable based on the terms agreed to at the time the account is established. All properties are subject to a Washington State Contractors Lien.

Finance Charges:

Finance charges are levied against all outstanding balances beyond the terms of the account, in which no account exceeds 20 days. Then a finance charge of 21% per annum, compounded will be applied, and after 90 days may be sent to collection. Minimum fee is $25.00 for processing and collection efforts per month.

Sales Tax:

Washington state sales tax is added to all invoices at the prevailing rate based on the actual location the service was provided. Contractors who provide a Resellers Permit will be exempt from this tax.

Current License:

Valid This is a link to the State web site, enter our name, full or partial to review our license status or the status of any other contractor in the State.